Bitcoin is projected to skyrocket and you can receive Instant .0015 Bitcoin payments to your Bitcoin wallet Over & Over Again for life

We have developed a simple but powerful concept
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First of all, this is not just another MLM program. It is a perfectly legal way of earning Bitcoin

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What makes Earn Instant Bitcoin's system so unique?
We worked tirelessly with our developers to build our unique Bitcoin, 1up, single payment, auto split, instant deposit into your Bitcoin wallet system. Our key thought while building this program was to "Keep it simple", and we believe we have succeeded. It is the first program of its kind that uses Bitcoin and a totally automated signup and payment process. Make just one payment of .003 Bitcoin and the system automatically splits that payment and pays .0015 Bitcoin to the benefiting sponsor. No need to make multiple payments and do difficult and tedious copy and paste operations. Our system guarantees that all payments are distributed correctly so if a member makes a mistake it does not influence on the program flow. This makes it super simple to join and guarantees that the system keeps on running smoothly. Our system is a revolutionary new way to build up your Bitcoin wallet.

A one time payment of only 0.003 Bitcoin gives you unlimited .0015 Bitcoin payments for life!

Just sign up and make a one time payment of only 0.003 Bitcoin and you are all set to receive unlimited commission payments of .0015 Bitcoin deposited directly into your wallet for life. There are no more upgrades or levels to buy. Your one time payment is all that is needed. You will simply receive a steady stream of .0015 Bitcoin payments directly to your wallet, and because there are no more levels to upgrade, you will keep what you earn instead of having to spend all your earnings to move up to new levels. Earnings are unlimited as you will earn from everyone in your Powerline with the exception of your first paid member which is moved to your sponsor. This is a truly revolutionary and groundbreaking system. Get started now!

How it works:

First you simply join and upgrade to a Pro member by paying a low .003 Bitcoin. Our highly advanced system will automatically split that single payment and pay your sponsor.
When you sign up you will be asked for your Bitcoin Wallet. if you do not have one we recommend because they pay you daily compounded interest on your wallet.

Next simply find like minded people like you that would be interested in earning unlimited .0015 Bitcoin payments to their Bitcoin wallet.

When your first member signs up and upgrades to Pro member they will be moved to your sponsors powerline, and your sponsor will receive the .0015 commission.. This is a one time event.

Now that you have given your sponsor your first Pro member, you are Qualified. As a qualified member you are able to get unlimited .0015 Bitcoin Payments to your wallet.

Now it gets fun. Find other members and when they upgrade to Pro you will receive your commission.

So now you got your second member and it gets really exciting. You get your .0015 Bitcoin commission deposited directly into your wallet.

Now that member has to give their first Pro member to you. So when they get their 1st member that new Pro member is placed into your Powerline just like your first member was placed into your sponsors powerline. You earn the .0015 commission direct to your Bitcoin wallet.

But it does not stop there. This new member that your member gave you has to qualify by giving you their 1st Pro member in which you will receive the .0015 commission. You just broke even and received your investment back.

Every Pro member that ends up in your powerline from here on, not only do you get your .0015 commission paid directly to your Bitcoin wallet with our powerful system but every new member in your powerline has to give you their first Pro member growing your powerline faster and faster.
All of this, with our powerful system that automatically splits the single payment to put an unlimited number of .0015 Bitcoin payments directly into your Bitcoin wallet, time and time again.

Look at the diagram below:



What will I receive for my payment of .003 Bitcoin.

  • First off you will receive membership in our Powerful Unique Instant Payment Bitcoin system and be able to receive unlimited commissions of .0015 Bitcoin deposited instantly directly in to your wallet. 
  • As a Pro member you will have access to a growing download section of Bitcoin eBooks, scripts and more that includes:
    Bitcoin for dummies
    Bitcoin Beginner
    Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain
    Bitcoin Internals
    The age of cryptocurrency
    How to make some quick money with Bitcoin for fun
    Bitcoin Bank Builder
    Bitcoin Bounty Hunter
    Bitcoin Mastery Set
    Bitcoin Profit Secrets Set
    Buy & Sell using Bitcoin
    And more, with the list growing as we aquire rights to other great files.
  • You will receive access to our exclusive growing directory of recommended Bitcoin websites
  • A growing back end office that will continue to bring more and more benefits to our Pro members
  • 10,000 Banner Impressions and 10,000 Text Ad Impressions -- $50 Value
  • Lifetime Pro Membership to -- $19 Value


Member Testimonies

“I am a relative newbie to any form of internet marketing, I have tried one affiliate program before but got burnt, luckily not for too much though.  I have been with Earn Instant Bitcoin for a couple of weeks now and am already in profit which, for me, is incredible.  The resources such as pre written ads and downloadable products are excellent, I have barely skimmed the surface and have learnt so much already.  Big thanks to the team behind this.”

Peter Tory, 31


“Top quality program, just a tenth of the info in the members section is worth the cost alone, top marks!”
D. T.  Mathers, 21


“Earn Instant Bitcoin is worth it's weight in gold!  I was profiting from the program just three days after joining, and one of those days was just spent exploring everything it had to offer.  That is a quicker turnaround than any other program I have tried, I would recommend this to new and experienced affiliate and internet marketers, or anyone looking for an online business they want to start making some serious Bitcoin from.”

Dan Thomasson, 26


“I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to start earning Bitcoin, not only are the downloads in the members section extensive and useful but the team is very professional.  I have contact the support email on three occasions now, not for any problems, but for some advice and tips on how best to expand my business.  They have got back to each time within hours, once within minutes, and have answered exactly what I needed to know.  This sort of service separates the big names from the upstarts!”

Sarah Tianos, 38


“If you have been looking for something practical, easy to understand and more importantly, to implement, that gets you real Bitcoin deposits, Earn Instant Bitcoin is for you.  It has not been a magic solution, I have put in my time but am seeing real results for my work, something that really motivates me and helps me build the business ever further.  Just wish I had found this earlier.”

Maria Fuertes, 41


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